Introducing our DOCK & MODULE system, designed to cater to the full range of affordable house types including detached, semi, and terrace homes.

Steel Frame MOD

Our modular units, cater for a range of houses – from 900 to 1200 sqft, offer flexibility in MEP strategies and can be seamlessly integrated within the house’s thermal envelope. With a wide selection of external finishes, you can customise the appearance to match your preferences.

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MOD Options.

Ground Floor Mod

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First Floor Mod

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Optional vestibule.

Example DOCK Builds.

Here we have 5 build examples showing off the flexibility of our DOCK build, which can be produced with SIPs, Panels, 3D printed and brick & block – with YOUR custom DOCK floor plan built around OUR MOD to meet the needs of the development.
Your design, our system.

SIP Dock Build

Light Gauge Steel Frame Dock Build

Panellised Dock Build

3D Printed Dock Build

Brick & Block Dock Build

Example Floorplans.

To bring M-Dock alive, we have designed a range of floorplans. These have been designed to inspire and demonstrate the flexibility of the system.

All comply with Nationally designed Space Standards (NDSS) and set out to brick dimensions.

The layouts provide flexibility for either an open plan layout or a more traditional room based format.

All floorplans have been designed using the MDX-1 module with the versatility coming within the Dock.

The unique module pair, incorporating a winder staircase can support the full range of house types; semi-detached, detached, terrace and 3 storey townhouse.

We recommend downloading our brochure for a better floor plan viewing experience and more information!

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