Sano M-Dock is our global building platform that combines on-site and off-site construction methods.

Whilst volumetric modular construction has been shown to improve productivity and efficiency, it often lacks in terms of flexibility and customisation.

There is a gap that needs to be filled between on-site and off-site methods – as both have their merits, but neither are perfect. ​

We believe the solution is somewhere in the middle.​

The factory built MOD contains all of the high value spaces. It is built in a controlled environment and then transported to the building site to be fitted with the DOCK.

The site-built DOCK provides the main living space and can be constructed using conventional building methods.

Factory built MOD.

The factory-built module contains all the high value spaces and is built in controlled conditions. The module is then transported to be completed with the on-site constructed DOCK. The module is compact and is built to fit comfortably on a 6m flat-back wagon.

An example of our M-Dock module being constructed in a factory and then transported to site.

An example of the dock being constructed around our module showing its versatility in terms of size & configuration around one standard module.

Site built DOCK.

The on-site built component of M-Dock provides the simple volume for the home and is built on-site using the developer’s construction method of choice – geared towards a seamless connection to the module.

The DOCK allows for architectural flexibility – allowing for a range of house types and floor plans to be built around one standardised, factory-built module.

Standardisation meets Flexibility.

Our M-Dock system creates standardisation whilst maintaining architectural flexibility. One mod can service a variety of different dock builds to create a wide range of house types and floor plans from just one pair of standardised and mass-produced factory-built mods.

Check out our Affordable Housing page for some example floor plans built using just one pair of standard modules!


  • Our system is far more scalable than volumetric solutions due to standardised, smaller mods containing only the high value elements – more total output per sqft of factory space.
  • Reduced delivery costs – we only deliver the high-value spaces from the factory, as a result, our module fits on the back of a standard 6m flat-back wagon, resulting in delivery savings comparative to standard volumetric module delivery.
  • More flexible and customisable than the traditional modular approach – freedom of choice in architectural design and building materials for both the dock & module to adapt to the needs of the specific development.
  • Able to access more sites due to smaller modules, as well as being able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances on-site with the flexibility of the dock build.
  • Less of a transition for traditional home builders
  • Reduced build time
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced societal disruption – less waste and noise
  • Economics of scale in production – standardised MODs capable of being mass produced creating cost savings
  • Factory precision 
  • Improved efficiency as high value spaces built in factory rather than just the simple structure of the house
  • Panelised construction restricted in certain areas (such as Timber panels in Central London)
  • Difficult for panellised construction to achieve desired funding due to PMV scores (U.K specific)

Want to build using our M-Dock system?

At Sano, our primary focus is to provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience during implementation of our patented M-Dock building system. We have developed a straight-forward and simple process which we follow to meet the needs of our partners.

1. Initial Consultation & Design Review: We offer a complimentary design review to understand your key drivers and existing house types. Together we assess whether our system aligns with your specific needs so that we can proceed to the next step in full confidence.

2. Design phase: We work with you to integrate your custom dock design with our standardised module range to create your chosen house types/floor plans

3. Delivery: Once the design phase is complete, you can work with our partners or your preferred delivery network to realise the design solution for your development.

We invite you to schedule an initial discovery call where we can discuss how our system can be implemented effectively into your existing house types. This call will help us understand your requirements and tailor our solution accordingly.

Still got questions about M-Dock?

We may have already answered them! Visit our FAQs page to see some answers to frequently asked questions about our M-Dock system.

Still not got your answer?

Contact us here to ask us directly and we’ll do our best to answer.

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