Frequently Asked Questions about our M-Dock System

General Questions

We work with developers to empower them from the design phase onwards to use M-Dock. We are not a developer in our own right.
We are currently in the research phase and our launch house will be ready in September.
We have an R&D facility. In the long term we aim to have a network of assembly partners to supply M-Dock rather than have our own dedicated facility.
Our initial expectations are our assembly partners can deliver a completed MOD to accommodate any build program required.
We are competitive with alternative/traditional building methods, our pricing does depend on MEP and other specs. We will be able to release more detailed pricing over the coming months.
During the coming months, in parallel with building our test house, we will be engaging with all the relevant bodies to get the required approvals.
Our IP covers a wide range of innovations, in summary our IP covers the concept of a hybrid building system. It relates to our offsite built MOD, its contents and how it is combined with an onsite structure.

Technical Questions

It sits within the thermal and structural envelope; however, it can support the joists of the first floor.
The frame is made from steel, using both hot and cold rolled components. There is also an option for this frame to be constructed with timber.
Depending on the DOCK structure, the mod has the appropriate access to tie it back to the structural envelope.
Our first floor MOD has a thin floor system to allow a seamless connection.
Using a multiple point loaded system – please refer to the loading points on the 3D printed models.
The on-site built rooms are serviced through a connection between first floor joists.
Connections are made through an access hatch in the MOD. As the MOD can be placed prior to the installation of the structural envelope, access is possible from the interior and exterior of the MOD to the Soil pipe/utilities.

The MOD will sit on an insulated slab or alternatively an insulating levelling subframe.

I am a “X”… how can I get involved in the M-Dock building system?

Work with us to apply the M-Dock building system to your next development site – get in touch today to discuss how this can be achieved.

Design your next scheme using M-Dock – get in touch and we’ll send you details on how this can be achieved.

Our MOD. Your Panels. Get in touch today to discover how your panels can integrate with our M-Dock building system.

Our MOD offers repeatable factory installed MEP. Get in touch today to integrate your MEP into our MOD.

Our MOD serves as the tech hub for the entire house. Lets collaborate together to bring your products into our eco-system.

Join our network of assembly partners to assemble the next-generation MOD in your facility.

Any more questions?

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