Innovation to take our existing homes to the next level.

AI Control of a Smart Home

We leverage the latest generative AI and Edge computing to create a novel AI layer for smart homes. Such a layer can be used for heating ventilation, environmental sensing, occupant behavioural habits, and tight integration with energy conservation and efficiency. At the heart of our solution is security and privacy and the occupant retains complete control and ownership. A strong synergy exists between our management, engineers, scientist and IP attorneys as such our novel platform and architecture is filed UK patent application 2303723.7 on 14 March 2023.

Our energy and inspiration allows us to further develop our AI driven solution in areas of robotic air purification, AI models inference, classification and predictive models and more intelligent extended sensors module.

Advanced Sensing

A key element for future smart homes will be to understand our occupants and their home environments with deeper insights into what is happening in each room, the building and throughout the entire building. This is where Sano takes a leap forward and explores better ways to use sensing technologies to obtain richer datasets, this allows us to make better inference decisions and respond to building instances. As with all Sano solutions our ethos lies with privacy and ownership to the building occupants.

UK patent application 2304228.6 filed 23 March 2023 for low cost sensors used to obtain rich information about what is happening in a room or throughout a building while avoiding privacy issues.

UK patent application 2307642.5 filed 22 May 2023 for methods and systems to control building systems based on sensor data.

Further patent applications planned for different sensor types, further ways of controlling building systems based on those sensors and ways of better understanding the way buildings respond to their environment.


Our advanced MVHR system is designed to increase performance of a standard heat exchange and is the first step as we continue to prioritise healthier and more efficient indoor environments.

UK patent application 2308058.3 filed 30 May 2023 for an improved MVHR system adapted to circulate fresh air while controlling the climate within a building more efficiently.

Window and Door Frames

Modern air-tight products for windows and door apertures can pose installation challenges, especially when it comes to replacing windows and maintaining a similar level of seal. Our mounting frame revolutionises the sealing process, ensuring a more effective and secure connection between the door or window and the building. Unlike traditional methods, our mounting frame is separately installed and sealed to the internal wall around the aperture, independent of the door or window frame installation. This unique approach allows for enhanced sealing, improved building heating efficiency, and increased waterproofness.

Further patent applications planned for further improvements to the mounting frame and techniques for constructing buildings using the mounting frame.

10 UK and 4 PCT patent applications filed in March 2023 (claiming priority to UK patent applications filed in March 2022) for different aspects of a mounting frame for mounting a window or door within an aperture in a wall of a building.

Chimney Ventilation Systems

As we strive to make our homes more energy-efficient by sealing them up, we often face negative air quality issues that require comprehensive solutions. While many existing systems are designed for major retrofits, such as MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), our innovative system offers a retrofittable solution by repurposing the chimney as a source of ventilation for the house. With our system, homeowners can address air quality concerns without the need for extensive renovations or major retrofit projects.

Our patent applications cover a range of aspects, including advancements in heating efficiency, techniques for improved ventilation, simplified installation and maintenance procedures, and enhanced heat exchange capabilities.

7 UK and 3 PCT patent applications filed in March and April 2023 (claiming priority to UK patent applications filed in March 2022) for different aspects of ventilation systems installed in a building chimney cavity.

Entrance Shelter

We have explored different methods of integrating building services into the entrance shelter, enhancing building system efficiency and facilitating maintenance.

UK patent applications 2307348.9, 2307346.3, 2307348.9 filed 17 May 2023 for different aspects of an entrance shelter for an external door of a building, for instance a canopy or a porch, integrated to building services.

Further patent applications planned for different aspects of an entrance porch.

Air Source Heat Pump

We have developed an enhanced air source heat pump that takes a holistic approach to home energy utilisation, resulting in improved efficiency and increased resilience against frost conditions. By considering the house as a unified system and optimising energy usage, we have developed an innovative solution that aims to revolutionise air source heat pump technology.

UK patent application 2307352.1 filed 17 May 2023 for an improved air source heat pump that is more efficient and better able to resist frost conditions.

Further Applications Planned

Energy Management

Patent applications planned for ways of capturing, distributing, storing, and selectively releasing energy within a home, particularly thermal energy.

Trickle Vents

Patent applications planned for window trickle vents to improve building ventilation.

Insulated Wall Plate

Patent applications planned relating to structural components of a building suitable for both modular/hybrid buildings and conventional buildings